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Empathatic New York Sleepaway Camp

Stomping Ground An Overnight Camp in the Catskills of New York

It’s Like If Ice Cream Were Good For You..


Stomping Ground is fun, silly, and focused on life long friends and memories, but baked into that are the values and habits that are the cornerstone of what we hope kids will grow up believing in and caring about.


ArtsFest [ July 14-19] - Open
Week 1 [July 21-26] - Waitlist
Week 2 [July 28 - August 2] - Waitlist
Week 3 [August 4-9] - Open
Week 4 [August 11-16] - Waitlist
Week 5 - [August 18-23] Open
BIG Teen Program - Waitlist
TIME Teen Program - Waitlist




Restorative Practices


personal responsibility


unbounded creativity


“This place is magical and special and all the nice words! We sent our 5 year old here for a week and it changed her life for the better. Thank you Camp Stomping Ground!”



Give Laura a call or send her an email
(585) 489-8880


Main Camp

Teen Programs

Work at Camp

What is Stomping Ground Like?

Main Camp



At Stomping Ground almost everything is optional as long as you aren’t taking away from other people’s experience, keeping yourself and the community safe, and are supervised by a staff member. 

Because we are constantly asking campers what they like and every person is different our schedule is constantly evolving. This is the latest iteration. We can’t imagine the different elements will change too much, but we almost certainly will adjust timing and frequency each week to personalize the experience for each camper. 

8:30 - Breakfast
9:30 - Free Choice 1
10:30 - Free Choice 2
11:30 - Free Choice 3
12:30 - Lunch
1:00 - Village Time
2:15 - Open Water Front
4:15 - Change for Dinner
4:45 - Free Choice 4
5:30 - Dinner
6:00 - Open Ballfield
7:30 - All Camp Games
8:45 - Village Time


Intentional Crafted activities and space for kids to be kids

SG Options


Downtown Stomping Ground

Downtown Stomping Ground (DTSG) is the center of it all. DTSG is a loose parts heaven designed to create a playful camper driven environment. Many campers favorite part of camp, DTSG houses our arts & crafts makerspace, gaga, Magic cards, board games, Legos, hammocks, and more. 

Outrageous Activities

Campers sign up for new options every day. Standard camp choices like archery , canoeing, and pottery, and make believe activities like “Who Changed the Thermostat” or “The Hunt for Bigfoot”. No two weeks are ever the same.


SG Adventure Playground

In Downtown Stomping Ground we have our adventure playground. Campers can choose to create, build, and play together with real tools.

All Camp Games

Every night we play larger than life immersive games like Fortress, a giant sponge war around the lake, or Harry Potter themed capture the flag.


(585) 690-4609