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Empathatic New York Sleepaway Camp



“This place is magical and special and all the nice words! We sent our 5 year old here for a week and it changed her life for the better. Thank you Camp Stomping Ground!”

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“Camp Stomping Ground is top notch! Laura, Jack and all of the staff are exceptional. They go above and beyond to help create memories that will last a lifetime!”


"I'm so happy that I found you guys, you truly make sleep away camp the best and most memorable experience for these kids. 8 more years and Rocco can come be a counselor!!"



"...The staff to camper ratio is very small, which allows their highly-trained and well-supported staff to provide a space for every child to feel supported, validated, and respected--all while having tons of fun and making new friends, which, again, they actually facilitate and support, rather than simply providing the opportunities and letting kids find their own way, which is how many camps operate.  Hiring diverse staff who have demonstrated experience in child-centered approaches, and then training them extensively in cooperation vs. coercion-based leadership approaches is one of the things that makes Stomping Ground different..." Read the rest of this testimonial

Camp Stomping Ground has been an amazing experience for my children. Jacob has come home with a new found confidence and an uncanny ability to "use his words" in ways that we have not succeeded in doing at home. He needed that full immersion with other kids in an environment conducive to exploring creativity, independence, and conflict resolution on his own terms. Cadence did not want to leave.

As an introvert, but with a burning desire to create, be understood, listened to and thrive, this camp meant more than you will know. Thank you, all, for providing a safe, caring space for my kids to let go of the structure for just a bit, be kids, and come into their own. They will never forget the experience, and I will always remember what you have given them. Sending love and play.”

"I can't say enough about Stomping Ground Camp. My 8yo son went this summer. It was his first overnight Camp ever. We were all anxious and signed him only for one week, and mentally ready to go pick him up early in case he wanted to come back.

I remember receiving a call from one of the directors two days after Camp started. I thought: my son is homesick and they are calling to go and pick him!

Instead of that, he asked to call home to beg if he can stay longer! He was having so much fun and enjoying himself."

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you, Sarah and the rest of the AMAZING staff at the camp who showed my Chloe the greatest week of her life! She keeps telling me how she is "Camp Sick" and this morning just wanted to go back because she did not want to miss tea with the Queen. As a parent, leaving your young child in the hands of strangers is nerve racking to say the least. And nowadays, not speaking to them every day was very hard on my husband and I. But let me tell you something, it was NOT hard on her and I truly think that is because of the amazing environment you have set up for them, where they feel free and in charge of their own destiny and most importantly safe! All the stories she came back with sound just magical. 

We will be back next year. and please feel free to pass along my email to any parent that is worried about leaving their 5 year old, because it is one of the best decisions we have ever made!

(585) 489-8880