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Empathatic New York Sleepaway Camp

Artists In Residence

Summer 2019


Nothing is more human or natural than the act of making, creating, and expressing. Each summer artists join us to be inspired and share inspiration. About half their time is spent with campers leading workshops, teaching skills, and living in community, the other half they spend focusing on their own work.

Interested in being a resident artist? 


Maggie McEvoy

Camp Stomping Ground Art Director and residency Coordinator

“My work, both visual and written, comes from different parts of my experiences. I explore structures of the home and family, relationships or lack thereof, and growing up in Suburbia. I am a sister, an aunt, a performer, one half of a committed relationship, and a daughter. I frequently question these roles that I play and how they affect my life. Who’s responsibility will it be to take care of my aging parents, what does it mean to be an adult, how does my being a women affect all this? I’m very fascinated by domestic lifestyles, both embracing and resisting it. I work in mediums of poetry, video and performance.”


Jade Greene

Camp Stomping Ground Art Director and residency Coordinator

"My work is often influenced and inspired by relationships, either the relationships I am personally involved in, or the relationships I observe in others. I examine the connections between lovers, between artists, and between strangers. I work with the notions of transformation, of loss, of the effects of the passage of time, and the notion of artifacts. I try to highlight or expand upon my own struggles and questions concerning the nature of intimacy and the products of relationships."

milla v.jpg

Milla von Tauber


Milla had a difficult relationship with dance growing up. It was an artistic medium she enjoyed but struggled to connect with. At 16, she discovered blues dance and her whole outlook on dance changed. She connected strongly to the music, the freedom filled dynamic of improvisational dance, and the intimacy (and challenge!) of dancing with a partner. Soon after, Milla stumbled upon Fusion and quickly realized that partner dance was to be one of her life's passion. Since then she has dedicated herself to dance, traveling across the country to learn from the best and teach as many people as she can what she knows. Her goal as a dancer is to be dynamic and variant, bringing to life a story in her dance partnerships. Her goal as a teacher is to bring dance to life for anyone and everyone, no matter how much they feel they "are" or "aren't" a dancer.

Kirk Maynard

Session 4

Kirk Maynard is a mixed media artist and educator from Brooklyn, New York. A second generation Guyanese-American, Maynard’s work focuses on the political undercurrents of culture and identity in America. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York City, San Francisco, and New Jersey. He has also given artist talks at the New Museum, Queens College, and Princeton University. Maynard currently lives and works in Orange, New Jersey.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 12.08.22 PM.png

Jamison Clark

arts fest

Jamison is the Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder at Updraft, a platform that support activists and movements in hopes of creating widespread change. He is also a professional designer and is interested in partnering with young people to help them enact change in their communities.


Izzi D’Esposito

Arts Fest, Session 1

Isabella “Izzi” D’Esposito is a New York based playwright and songwriter.  Her work has been produced or developed at Homegrown Theater, the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, Ars Nova, Carnegie Mellon University, Boise Contemporary Theater and more.  She was recently a writing fellow at The Playwrights Realm with a play about a library, but she mostly writes about outer space and the internet!  She has an affinity for characters who look skyward and who seek out community in the strangest places.

D'Esposito_Headshot 2019.jpg
zach t .jpg

Zachary Tridico

Sessions 1+2

Zach received his BM in Jazz Studies: Saxophone Performance from Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance. He lives in Philadelphia, where he is active as a saxophonist, composer, and educator.  Zach leads his own group ZTQ, he has made appearances with groups including the Philadelphia Funk Authority, the Temple Avenue Jazz Quintet, Tony Gairo's Crosscurrent Big Band, the Work in Progress Jazz Orchestra, and he has performed in a variety of shows and musicals.


Peter Tucker

Sessions: Arts fest 1,2,3,4

I am a camp counselor at heart.  The freedom of expression that I learned at summer camp is one of the main life lessons that I want to share with my art.  I have always wondered why life can’t be more like camp, why we can’t live our lives with the freedom of expression and individuality that summer camp encourages.  I am committed to creating works of art that step out of the gallery and into our lives. Much of my work revolves around questions of what we believe as individuals and as a society, why we surrender authority to leaders, and why so many of us never stop to consider these questions.

 As an artist, I realized that epiphany lies in the act of exploration and in the ordinary world around us.

peter T.jpg
amanda G.jpg

Amanda Gianniny

Sessions: arts fest 1,2

A writer, photographer, poet, teacher, and bookworm, Amanda is a passionate advocate for teachers everywhere. Her energy is contagious. She hopes to inspire Teachers to unlock the creative potential of their students. This will be Amanda’s second summer as a creative resident. Last summer she could be found pairing poetry with water color, this summer she plans on offering workshops on parody song writing as well as poetry and painting.


Brian Hathaway

Arts Fest

Brian is an animator and illustrator based in Rochester New York. He is a former camp counselor, english as a second language teacher in South East Asia. Brian is a born provocateur and a performance artist with a love for fantastic plots and world building. Brian believes in the power of art to instill confidence and positivity.

DSC_0648 (1).jpg

Alex Draper


"Today’s young person does not have to look far to find conflict or polarization in their community. Yet, despite these role models, it is young people who remain optimistic, idealistic and eager to work with others. Through collaborative music and expression, I will help young people to realize that they are the best equipped to be role models to others, and that they can set the example for more unified communities. And as a former camp director, there is no better community lead the way than camp!"


Steve Langdon

arts fest

Steve, originally from the UK, is an artist specializing in digital photography. After completing an MA from The Royal College of Art in London, his photography career took him all over the globe. Now based in Philadelphia he shoots commercial work for corporations and mentors young image makers. He’s looking forward to connecting and collaborating with fellow artists this summer.


Shendra Stucki

Session 4,5


Megan Sullivan


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