Sam Harris is a third grader that lived in Mount Airy Pennsylvania. Sam was a founding camper at Stomping Ground this past summer. Stomping Ground was Sam’s first overnight camp experience, actually it was pretty much his first time away from home and his parents ever! Both Mary Harris, Sam’s mom and Sam mentioned that they were a little nervous and didn't know what to expect. Jack and I had a chance to meet up with Sam before camp started and connect with him on things that he was excited about and nervous for. We ate some delicious indian food at Sam’s house and then got to play swords on the front lawn! 

When I called to reconnect with Sam and his mom this fall I was overjoyed to hear Sam’s memories and feedback from the week at camp.

Sam says that one of his favorite parts about camp was meeting and hanging out with Aiden a cabin mate of his. They were inseparable during the week. Both Sam and Aiden tried lots of new things Sam’s favorite stuff was the stuff you cant do at home like the Mashed Potato fight and the Shaving Cream war. He also loved getting a chance to go fishing and boating. I was grateful to hear that Sam had made such a strong connection and friendship with Aiden. For me this proves that the Magic of camp can happen in just one short week.

I was excited to tell sam that next summer or new site is a prime location for fishing and boating. The Lake at Amahami is crystal clear and has some great fishing spots!

Sam’s Mom Mary said that she was nervous and excited to pick Sam up at the end of the week. she did not know what to expect. When she was reunited with Sam she said that he was euphoric. He was so proud to show them around camp and excited to share with them the accomplishments he had accrued over the week. Mary says he was different, more mature, his confidence and self-esteem secure after having spent a week on his own. Sam is definitely in for next summer he says. He is hoping to join us for more than one week!


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