Magic Moments with Alice

This week I am thrilled to share a story from one of our counselors, Alice. Alice has a great way of connecting with campers. She can match any camper’s energy level, and her care for the campers is undeniable. This story is just one example of the great work Alice does!



Two weeks ago, in my cabin I had Kyle. He was really sweet and kind of a quieter kid. We had a lot of chaos in that cabin, it was really fun. I was always like, “Kyle you’re so cool I wanna hang out with you.” We had little interactions like that but there wasn’t much one on one time, but he was always like part of the cabin doing everything. We called him ‘Great Smile Kyle’ because he had a great smile. Basically that whole cabin stayed for


the next week, and they were almost all in the same cabin again and I was kind of bummed I was in a different cabin. I made a point to keep hanging out with them during options and stuff and I don’t know how we came up with the idea, but Kyle and I started building a monster. Building a monster out of cardboard. And we decided that on the last day we were going to burn it in the lake. Throughout the whole week with cardboard and duct tape we built this monster and it kept falling apart every day because it was outside, and people were bumping into it and what not. But it was taller than me, it was a big guy.


On Thursday night, Kyle and two other campers Izzy and Robin and then a ton of us, because we were all so excited about it, after embers we all went down to the lake and we doused it in tiki oil and we set it on fire. Kyle was so pumped about it. This kid was so quiet, barely said anything, and then got really excited about it, and was acting really wild. It was just funny. He was a good kid, such a good kid. We also had this joke, we had this secret handshake. We’d be like, “Chris, can you hold my stuff while I do this?” and it was just a high-five, and he thought it was so funny. I also thought it was so funny. Yeah, that’s the story of Great Smile Kyle.


Alice Hospitel

Staff ‘19

Counselor Extraordinaire

Philadelphia’s Next Best Thing

Nigel Sullivan