A Place for Every Newt (and kid)

This is the third in a series of posts sharing specific moments from the summer. The big ideas, huge events, and statistics are nothing without these personal stories. Stomping Ground is in so many ways, just a tool to make personal connections and individual stories possible. What is your Stomping Ground Story? Join us to share, listen, and laugh for an online story session this Thursday. Invite friends and feel empowered to come if you weren’t at camp. RSVP HERE.

I’d spent years daydreaming about making it to Camp Stomping Ground. As a member of the board of directors, I had the privilege of being a part of so many wonderful brainstorm sessions and planning meetings about Camp. I’d seen beautiful photos and videos and I’ve hummed the Stomping Ground “Old Song” while sitting at my office desk. But this past July, I finally had the opportunity to get muddy, throw on a costume, and experience the Stomping Ground magic for myself.

I was blown away by so many things about Stomping Ground. The glassy lake, the cozy villages, the wild Adventure playground, and the even-wilder staff. But wow, those Stomping Ground campers…


What struck me the most was the way Stomping Ground campers knew, so naturally how to welcome everyone into the fold. On my second day at Camp, I joined a crew of campers to look for newts in the creek. We only had two nets, and I was worried that not everyone would be able to participate. But as soon as we hit the edge of the creek, the kids self-organized into an amazing team. We had campers who wanted to stay on top of the bridge as lookouts, and campers who wanted to get knee-deep in mud. There were newt counters and newt namers, and campers who simply wanted to sit on side and chat and enjoy the beautiful view.  Every camper brought their own unique skills to the team, and every member of our crew respected one another enough to let one another take on the challenge their own way.

I know that the Stomping Ground community is ready to welcome more, amazing, unique kids into their cabins, beside their campfires, and on their lookout bridges. Let’s make sure that those new faces don’t have to wait and daydream about Camp from home. Make another Stomping Ground story possible with me.

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Liz Huberlie Blaszkiewicz
Board Member
Camp Stomping Ground

Jack Schott