A Spark of Creativity - An SG Story

This is the first in a series of posts sharing specific moments from the summer. The big ideas, huge events, and statistics are nothing without these personal stories. Stomping Ground is in so many ways, just a tool to make personal connections and individual stories possible. What is your Stomping Ground Story? Join us to share, listen, and laugh for an online story session next week. Invite friends and feel empowered to come if you weren’t at camp.

Stomping Ground Story Sessions

This summer, I was tasked with coordinating with campers who were being picked up early from camp and making sure that they were all packed up, with their luggage, ready to go in the lobby for their parents. Some campers were easier than others to prepare for this often nostalgic exit from Stomping Ground.

Leaving no opportunity ignored, I was inspired by a camper who made the awkward waiting period for their parent to arrive so memorable with just one silly moment.

There were two boys about to be picked up, and I was sitting with them and one other staff member at the table in the lobby. These two campers were older, and we were content with polite and reflective conversation about their experiences at camp. I noticed one was scribbling on some post-it notes while the other was telling about what he enjoyed most from the week.

Soon, the other boy said, “I have a cartoon to show you.” Intrigued, I couldn't wait to see what he meant.



He then whistled a wild west, “shootout at the OK corral” tune.

Quickly after, a post-it note with a tumbleweed flashed above and traveled along the edge of the table. Then, another post-it note with a masked bandit emerged from the edge of the table. This concluded his makeshift cartoon. The smile of pride on his face was remarkable. Such a small fun creation transformed the vibe of the whole room.

I was so impressed and tickled by his creativity and levity in a time at camp where spirits could often be low. I went on to ask him to show other staff who happened to be passing through the lobby over the next ten minutes or so before his ride arrived.

This little showcase of the uniqueness and ability for campers to bring something new and wonderful to situations is just an example of what is encouraged every day at Stomping Ground. As we build our community each week, it brings me great joy that our campers perspective, wonder, and creativity are not only invited but help us as staff reimagine a world where more is possible.

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