Introducing Our Creative Residency

Camp is my passion. There is no doubt that I love connecting with kids and staff and collaborating every summer to make the unique and life-changing experience of camp.  However, I have another major life passion. Making Art. I went to college at SUNY Purchase to study visual art. I spent those four years learning technical skills and the history associated with painting and drawing. I learned how to build and break visual compositions and to play with the context and meaning behind the colors, shapes, and textures. I learned how to think critically and to problem solve. I learned how to collaborate with others and how to work hard and overcome mental blocks in my creative process. I loved art school. I will always make art. I need the tactile and sensory input to help me think and process the world around me. 

This summer at Stomping Ground, we are launching an artist in residency program. I am beyond excited about this opportunity. Creative people who have an art making practice, such as musicians, painters, writers, sculptors, photographers, novelists, and more will come to camp. 

Some Details

They will stay with us for as short as a week to as long as a month and use the space apart from the rest of their lives to make their work. The program is fully subsidized. We will provide 3 meals a day and access to a kitchen, as well as a place to stay and a space to create. In return, we ask that all art residents commit to giving back to the community, but exactly how that gift transpires is up to each creative resident and approved by Stomping Ground staff. 

Dreaming Big

My dream is that campers will interact and engage with art residents, and have access to see their creative processes. I hope that artists inspire campers to dream big and reimagine what is possible. I believe that campers will reinvigorate other artists like they do for me.

Why a residency makes sense for Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground’s mission is: to create an inclusive community of self-directed individuals, practicing radical empathy and reimagining what is possible. Bringing artists into our community will help us more effectively meet that mission. Artists embody the essence of what it means to be a self-directed learner, constantly learning and gathering the skills necessary to complete a project, or get to the next level of mastery in their field. Artists are inherently empathetic; art is often the visual representation of a person’s or a group’s collective experience, an empathetic reflection of the world around us. And lastly, artists’ ability to reframe, reorganize, redistribute, and wrestle with big ideas is how we, as a world, reimagine what is possible.

We are specifically looking for artists who feel they have something to contribute to and to share with a diverse and curious group of campers and staff. We hope that the artists who join us will want to spend time at main camp building a theater set with campers after breakfast, or writing a play with campers during water front, or collaborating with the youngest village to present a performance piece during lunch. 

I can only imagine the life changing connections and lightbulb moments that we will all experience seeing artists at work. 

Do you fit this description? Know someone that does? Apply below or pass this along. We are hoping for 3-4 artists this first summer.


(585) 489-8880

Laura Kriegel