A Podcast by Campers and Cait

Artist Cait

This past summer one of our artist in residence, Cait Molden helped campers create the first ever Stomping Ground Podcast! Cait is a writer and comedian based in NYC. She helps to produce several other podcasts as well, Check out her work here http://caitmolden.com/

Cait was our first artist in residence this summer and really helped to pioneer the program. There were several moments throughout out the summer where Cait went above and beyond her role to create memorable learning experiences with kids. Cait was willing to test stuff, help to write the script on what it looks like to have artists at camp with us.

Cait is an established podcaster in NYC and has a pretty impressive resume of work, but to the kids she was Artist Cait as opposed to Kate, the program director. The ability to make artist human, to bring working artists into the community and let they work side by side with kids is the point of this program. The artist residency program, like everything at camp, is a work in process and Cait blew us away with what the possibilities of the program can be. 

We are so grateful for her time this past summer and have already started talking about what it would look like to get Cait back for several weeks next year! 





The podcast that Cait and the Stomping Ground Campers produced is about 19 minutes long. It is reflective, silly, nonsensical and informative all at the same time. Listening to the podcast really gives you the feel for what camp is like. There are so many voices, each with their own perspective on the camp experience. 

It was not until after camp had ended that I had a chance to listen to the podcast in its entirety, I was immediately brought back to the summer.  Podcasting as a medium is such a unique way to get a feel for a place and time. 

Some things to listen for:

  • Staff members being interviewed 
  • campers describing the daily schedule
  • A “random” dialogue segment

This podcast was such a success! I can’t wait to see what comes out of the artist residency program next summer. If you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about being an artist at camp have them contact me at laura@campstompingground.com or (585)489-8880 


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Laura Kriegel