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Empathatic New York Sleepaway Camp

Stomping Ground Support Network

HelpIng the next generation reimagine a more perfect world through camp

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Building Connection at camp and in the world

The SG Support Network is a group of people committed to helping Stomping Ground through feedback, ideas, connections, and more. Each month we send out an SG Support Network email with updates, stories, and how you might help Stomping Ground in different ways. 

Career Advice for the Summer Staff

A big reason we wanted to create this network is to help our summer staff with career advancement. We spend countless hours recruiting and vetting our staff. They are some of the most compassionate hardest working people on the planet. They choose to spend their summers connecting with kids and working long hours for little money. We would love to be able to partner with you to help them after they leave us.

Be the person you needed when you were younger

Many of them want to be teachers, doctors, lawyers, and more, but need some advice, connections, or ideas on how to take the next step from professionals like you. It would mean the world to us if you took a couple minutes and filled out the form below so we can make sure to connect the right staff with the right possible mentors. We want to be able to setup a quick phone call or coffee date with you and someone looking into your field. 

You have no idea the impact just a few minutes of your time can have. Thank you so much! Of course if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, or just want to brainstorm with us, please give Jack a call or send him an email.

With love, 

Laura and Jack



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Would you be willing to have a phone call or coffee with an SG staff looking to figure out their career plan? *
Please add some info that would help us connect the right ambitious staff with you for career advice


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