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We partner with young people to inspire the next generation of radically empathetic decision makers. Together we imagine a more perfect world, one week at a time.

By design we partner with kids who are different from each other, racially, economically, and geographically, reaching across our disparate communities to build empathy and connection.

Our mission is to create a space to see each other with humble curiosity, to practice radical empathy, to recognize our personal responsibility, and set the stage for unbounded creativity.

How You Can Help?

We need to raise $100k in pledges by May 1st to secure this property. This means we need to move fast. We have $50k pledged today. The initial estimates for the project are $1.15 million and this first $100k is the first domino to the next generation of newt catchers.

This pledge is simply a form saying you will support this project and will only be collected when we move forward. It can be spread out over three years.

What is This Property?


It is an old Boy Scout camp outside of Saratoga Springs New York. It is on 60 acres surrounded by state forest with a beautiful dining hall, two lakes, and tons of possibilities. The facilities will need a lot of renovations and construction, but we are excited to partner with donors and volunteers to put the time, money and energy in that our campers deserve. This place offers the opportunity to build on some traditions and existing structures while also dreaming big and starting from scratch to build something that makes sense for our community.


A very Very VERY Behind the Scenes Video

Laura’s First Time At The Camp


When we filmed this we said we wouldn’t share it, but we trust you. It is the first look at what could be Stomping Ground’s Stomping Ground. We will be making a million more professional materials over time, but you are a part of the family.

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Thank you!

We sincerely can’t thank you enough for your interest and support in this project. Please reach out with questions, advice, thoughts, and more. We will be updating this page and developing tons of content as we move forward. Thank you again for your love and support.

Jack and Laura

Questions? Thoughts? Advice?