The SG Office

Season 1 By Allison Klee



Klee goes "behind the scenes" as the Stomping Ground crew prepares for Day of Giving 2018. Hijinks, fun, and laughter ensue. We hope you enjoy getting to know the team a little better, have a few yucks, and consider liking, sharing, and donating on Day of Giving. Who knew you could have this much fun supporting a good cause?


S1 EP2 The Pilot: "No Parents"

Jack and Laura are out of town leaving Klee in charge. Nina has other plans. It's Good To Be Together.


S1 EP3: Jack's Day of Giving

Day of Giving 2017 was huge. 2018 is going to be huger or at least Jack thinks so. Oprah? Sheryl Crow? Jack thinks they are dreaming too small.


S1 EP4: Brian Goes Viral

Brian get's promoted to run HR. George struggles with Ray. Stomping Ground Day of Giving  planning continues... 


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S1 Ep4 - Ray the Intern
S1 Ep 4 - The Highlights

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