Welcome to the Stomping Ground Family

Summer 2019


This summer is going to be amazing. We have an awesome staff team coming together, will have delicious food, and make countless memories. We work all year for this and take your trust in us incredibly seriously. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to drop your child off and not see them for a week or more. We want to make that as comfortable as possible and sincerely understand how special it is that you have chosen Stomping Ground. I am beyond excited to get to know your child better and begin building what I hope is a life long partnership with you and them.

Below is one final pieces of paperwork, our parent welcome packet, and a video. Also, if you haven't had a chance to finalize your forms or pay your balance on our registration software please take a minute to do that. Those forms help us better know your child, make sure we have insurance information, and set us up for the best summer yet!

 --> Registration Forms

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns please send me an email or give me a call anytime! 

With Love!
Laura Kriegel
Camp Director/Chief Heart Officer


The Parent Packet

Here you will find a packing list and some other helpful instructions. 

--> The Parent Packet

A Physical Form

For campers to be at camp New York State mandates that we have an up to date, in the last year, physical form from a doctor. Also, for our medical team to be allowed to administer medicine we need this form to be completed and all medicine to come to camp in its original containers.

--> Our Physical Form

*If your doctor has a different physical form or you have one for school or sports those work as well. But we still need permission to administer medication, even over the counter medicine. 

You can upload the physical below or fax it to us. 
Fax Number - 1-607-348-1667


The Video

Please watch this video with your child. Everything we do at camp is focused on first getting consent. To do that we want to make sure, as best we can, that campers want to be at Stomping Ground and understand our three agreements to be a member of our community. They are, respect yourself and others, protect the future of camp, and work through conflict when it arises. You can see more about our restorative justice conflict resolution process here


If you know other families that would be interested in joining us this summer please connect me. I would love to talk with them about whether Stomping Ground is a good fit for their family!

Laura - laura@campstompingground.org - 585-489-8880