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I am writing to let you know that Stomping Ground, a not for profit summer camp that I have been a part of and support is holding a day of giving. Today Stomping Ground is holding an online campaign to raise money to bring more kids to camp this summer. 

Stomping Ground is a summer camp based on empowering campers through self-direction, radical empathy, every summer they gather with hundreds of campers to reimagine a world where more is possible. 

I have personally seen the impact that an empathetic community can have on a kid's life. In just a week kids leave this camp feeling more confident, capable and connected to others. 

One of the things I am most excited about with this day of giving is bringing some kids to camp this summer that have been experiencing homelessness. Laura, one of the founders and directors, volunteers each week with these kids and this summer we are hoping to bring them to Stomping Ground. Your gift will go directly to bring them and other kids that wouldn't normally be able to afford camp to camp.

Even just a few dollars will go a long way to bringing more kids to an even better camp. Thank you!

Stomping Ground Day of Giving