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Empathatic New York Sleepaway Camp

Food Connects Us All

Celebrate, Connect, Comfort


Humans, of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, use food to celebrate, connect, and comfort. We use it to mark special occasions,  help eat other through tough times, and as a gift letting others know we care. Great food shares love, identity, and purpose. Join us this summer and create good food, from scratch, for and with campers and staff from all over the US. 



Work side by side with experienced cooks. Take ownership over meals. Learn in real time in a production and teaching kitchen.



Deconstruct a chicken, plan desert, make 40 pizzas, bake vegan chocolate cake, cook thai curry for 150 people. These are just a few of the many projects you might try this summer.



Build authentic relationships with adults, teens, and kids excited about creating great food and getting better at their craft. 


Program Details

July 3 - Aug 24, 2018 (some flexibility)
Paid and Room & Board
Deposit, New York

Join Zach, our head cook, and our culinary team in the creation of all meals for 100 campers and 50 staff. Live in a community of staff 18-29ish, from all over the country working together to make campers dreams come true. Work two meals a day preparing, cooking, and making all aspects of food creation possible.  


Send Jack an email or give him a call